Plant Diaries #1

Adah 2


Biological Name : Crassula Tetragona

Common Name : Miniature Pine Tree

Plant Category : Succulents

Care instructions : Water twice or thrice a week depending on when the soil is dry.


Known as the miniature pine tree for obvious reasons, this plant is the best first plant if your green thumb is just on the brink of showing up. Being a succulent, this is basically a water storing plant, but it doesn’t mean that you never water it. Having killed quite a few stems of this plant by not watering for over a week, I have learnt that even though these are “hard to kill” plants, they do require basic care of watering twice a week. In fact, the first plant in the new pot is a propagated cutting from the original (my first plant ever) which was dying When it comes to watering, it is best to use a pressurised spray bottle as it gives you control over the amount of water you pour. However, in case you want to water less frequently, then you can water them till it runs out of the drainage holes and not bother about it for a week.



Shenanigans of the clouds

Proved to be a boon

Mended hearts stood no chance

Against downpour of emotions

Words pretended nonchalance

Eyes failed to hide

Depth of the yearning

That the heart held

As the brain silently spectated

The beautiful conjecture

Of two souls

That attempted disunion.


Let’s raise the glass

to this beautiful complication

that fate has entrusted to us

to disentangle

as the clouds give birth

Let’s taste the first moments

of our union

as I yearn to flood your void

with my infinite love

Let’s enliven this blissful coexistence

replacing the wistfulness

brought about by

this magnetic attraction

of our diametric dimensions

Let’s surrender our fears

the soaring sun beckons

new beginnings, as I sway

entranced by your dazzling smile

while you sink into my eyes


Let’s celebrate our love.


Psychedelic thoughts,

Twirling in the fragrance,

That red top emits,

From our last embrace, still,

Waiting to drown,

In the fading imprint,

Of your voice,

Preparing to ignore,

That distinct cry,

I know belongs to you.


Plagued by emotions,

Reverberating silence,

Sounds louder than the echo,

Of your retreating footsteps,

Pretending to ebb,

Farther from the shore,

Hidden in a facade of feelings,

But trying to reach my skies,

Your tides discreetly rise high,

End is just a delusion.

Blissfully Colourful City – Pondicherry – Part Two

The moment

Three shots given

Stomach and spine numbed,

She lay on her back.


Legs spread,

Arms outstretched,

She was ready.


Blurry faces,

Slurry words,

She palpitated.


Agonising pleasure,

As knives touched skin,

She awaited.


For the first time,

A serenading cry sounded,

She heard him.


3 kilos of her flesh,

Placed on her chest,

She closed her eyes.


Blissfully Colourful City – Pondicherry – Part One

The Chaos Theory

Staring at the crimson glow,

Waiting on the emerald metamorphosis,

Palms palpitated, eyes dilated,

A tense shuffle indicated,

Total anarchy – no more in reins,

Some silent prayers were sent,

While others maintained peaceful acceptance,

Hopeful eyes sparkled, as the still scene moved,

But alas – it stagnated again,

A glance forward,

And the mirage was staggering,

Time abysmally passed,

Sniggering at the computations,

She knows the quintessential truth,

In the traffic kingdom,

Only chaos rules!