Serenity – WordPress Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”


Looking at the sun setting into the backwaters of Kerala while the house boat is anchored is the most serene experience I have had in my life.


View of sunset from the house boat
View of sunset from the house boat
House Boat
House Boat

A Love Story

She dances to the tune,20141216_135850

The misty breeze sings,

The yellow beauty sways,

Hearing the news the wind brings.


Pollens have come from afar,

And bees have tagged along,

To behold the sunflower’s twirl,

And hear the wind’s song.



“He’s coming, he’s coming”,

The wind blew a hushed whisper,

Footprints of the morning drizzle,

Soon disappear.


She was ecstatic on seeing him,

Her brown hair glimmers in the light,

Her lover, the sun, smiles,

And the whole town is bright.


The king has arrived,20141212_132701

And her green hands cook in haste,

Exhausted winds groan in hunger,

Soon they get oxygen to taste.


She droops her head,

Yelps and cried aloud,

As her glowing emperor,

Hides behind a black cloud.


The clouds make way for him,

She is euphoric to see him again,

His stunning smile is remedy,

To the intermittent pain.


She admires his peerless beauty,

That naive girl, she is unaware,

Her orange partner has lovers,

In all colours, everywhere.


His glow dims,20140608_185350

As he prepares to sink,

The mourning flower wilts,

As dusk is on the brink.


Her white foes decorate the velvet night,

The mighty emperor long gone,

She dozed off,

And dreamt of a new dawn.

Crazy or not?

Sometimes, I just can’t help but hate myself. Why is life so unfair? Why do I take all the wrong decisions, make all the wrong choices? Why do I say things I am not supposed to? As I lay drowsed with sleepiness, I can’t help but wonder, am I really as “intelligent” as people say I am? I have a strange feeling that there is something wrong with my brain, that I am crazy. But then, the gentler part of my brain reminds me that there are other people like me, who have made mistakes. And then, the devil part of my brain reminds the other (with an evil laugh-mind you) that I am gravely wrong in what I have done, in some unique way which only the devil can come up with. This duel goes on for some time, and I, the referee step in. I remind both of them that it is time for me to sleep. They roll their eyes and continue. In the bargain I lose my sleep alright, but I also lose some of my peace of mind. As the debaters go on, they throw new facts on my face, like for instance the time I said extremely embarrassing things and made a fool of myself. Can I sleep now, I ask. They blink, and then resume.

Maybe, I am crazy after all.



“We learn to speak by age of two, but take forever to learn what to”

-someone (I don’t remember who)


சூரியன் பகல் கனவு கண்டது நிலவை காண வேண்டும் என்று,

நிதர்சனம் புரியாமல்,

அவன் மறைவில் தான் அவள் வருகை உண்டு.


வாடியது சூரியன் காதலியை காணவில்லை என்று,

உண்மை அறியாமல்,

இருவரும் ஈருடல், அனால் உயிரோ ஒன்று!!!

Rage, Revenge

I see you,

And a fit of rage overcomes me,

Oh, how I wish looks could kill,

Then I would take one look at you,

And you would burst in flames.


But then, what revenge is it,

If you die on the spot?

It will be sweet revenge,

Only when I see you suffer,

Bleed and cry in front of my eyes.


But then, how would I differ from you,

If I too seek solace in others’ sadness?

It will be sweet revenge,

Only when I see your eyes look down,

In regret, in shame.


But then, life is not fair, I realize,

As I see you smile,

Will you regret, will you bleed,

Will you suffer, will you cry,

I wonder, as I see you smile.

Brain and heart

We can’t accept some things in life, even though sooner or later we have to. When brain and heart are in conflict, brain is always right, heart always wins. In this tug of war, the person whose brain and heart are at each other’s throats loses his peace of mind. Yet, when the heart’s decisions end up in failure (which is like, always), it has no one to turn to except the brain. The brain will talk to the heart, console it and try to get some sense into it. It tells the heart some things it doesn’t want to hear. The brain knows, the heart never accepts. In the end, when the heart bleeds, who is to be blamed? Of course, the heart which was always trying to provide solace to itself. In this process, it hurt itself as a result. Oh, the pain, the unbearable pain! If it had anticipated this torture it’d have to go through, it’d have foregone those few moments of bliss. These moments were crushed by the following pain, the pain which would last a while before being replaced by laughter and happiness. Time, the best healer, is now the killer too. When heart bleeds, time stops. Pain and time are co-conspirators in wounding the heart. But, ironically enough, the mastermind was the heart. Ah, bitter irony!

The last raindrop


It’s easy to cry,
It’s easy to grieve,
When sadness blinds your eyes.

It’s hard to forget,
But easy to regret,
When the chosen path goes wrong.

It’s more than one tear,
More than one raindrop,
And there’s heavy downpour from the eyes.

My throat is stiff,
And mind is blank,
When all I see is failure.

I want to break the doors,
All the glass windows,
And get out of this vacuum shell.

So, I pray,
I plead, oh god,
Let this be the last raindrop.