Peace-less Sunday

What do we do on Sundays? Sleep, watch tv, take rest, and for other CA students like me, we study. Even on Sunday. But, not anymore. If you are a Delhiite, you will know what I mean.

Ever since this new public nuisance called “raahgiri” has begun, the term peaceful Sunday has become redundant. Well, it is an event organised for people of the locality to come together and participate in various programs. I do not have a problem with that. But, throughout the 2 hours of the event, Bollywood music plays in the background, at full volume. And though the host addresses those who are present in the audience, well, everyone can hear what she is speaking – and I mean everyone i.e. even those who do not attend it.

If you attend it, well and good. But what about those who don’t? They still get to hear each and everything that is happening there. As I write this, some irritating song is playing in their huge speakers and I can hear the host talking to the audience about martial arts.

It is an accepted fact that Indians do not know the meaning of entertainment. They can find it only in loudspeakers, not in their music systems at home. But that’s alright. We have all accepted it. It is every student’s plight to prepare for their school final exams in the midst of loud music – be it someone’s “shaadi” function or Diwali celebration. All this is now commonplace.

However, we get to experience this kind of nuisance once in a while. Not every Sunday. I know what the reader would say – come on, at least you can relax on weekends. I am sorry, dear reader, we CA students do not know the meaning of relax. We are a bunch of people who bury their faces in books every chance they get – so not even a single second can be wasted.

So, I sit here, with my auditing book open in front of me, hoping that somehow these people will lose electricity connection and then, I can finally study peacefully.


Your Thoughts?

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