Brain and heart

We can’t accept some things in life, even though sooner or later we have to. When brain and heart are in conflict, brain is always right, heart always wins. In this tug of war, the person whose brain and heart are at each other’s throats loses his peace of mind. Yet, when the heart’s decisions end up in failure (which is like, always), it has no one to turn to except the brain. The brain will talk to the heart, console it and try to get some sense into it. It tells the heart some things it doesn’t want to hear. The brain knows, the heart never accepts. In the end, when the heart bleeds, who is to be blamed? Of course, the heart which was always trying to provide solace to itself. In this process, it hurt itself as a result. Oh, the pain, the unbearable pain! If it had anticipated this torture it’d have to go through, it’d have foregone those few moments of bliss. These moments were crushed by the following pain, the pain which would last a while before being replaced by laughter and happiness. Time, the best healer, is now the killer too. When heart bleeds, time stops. Pain and time are co-conspirators in wounding the heart. But, ironically enough, the mastermind was the heart. Ah, bitter irony!


Your Thoughts?

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