Crazy or not?

Sometimes, I just can’t help but hate myself. Why is life so unfair? Why do I take all the wrong decisions, make all the wrong choices? Why do I say things I am not supposed to? As I lay drowsed with sleepiness, I can’t help but wonder, am I really as “intelligent” as people say I am? I have a strange feeling that there is something wrong with my brain, that I am crazy. But then, the gentler part of my brain reminds me that there are other people like me, who have made mistakes. And then, the devil part of my brain reminds the other (with an evil laugh-mind you) that I am gravely wrong in what I have done, in some unique way which only the devil can come up with. This duel goes on for some time, and I, the referee step in. I remind both of them that it is time for me to sleep. They roll their eyes and continue. In the bargain I lose my sleep alright, but I also lose some of my peace of mind. As the debaters go on, they throw new facts on my face, like for instance the time I said extremely embarrassing things and made a fool of myself. Can I sleep now, I ask. They blink, and then resume.

Maybe, I am crazy after all.



“We learn to speak by age of two, but take forever to learn what to”

-someone (I don’t remember who)


Your Thoughts?

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