A Love Story

She dances to the tune,20141216_135850

The misty breeze sings,

The yellow beauty sways,

Hearing the news the wind brings.


Pollens have come from afar,

And bees have tagged along,

To behold the sunflower’s twirl,

And hear the wind’s song.



“He’s coming, he’s coming”,

The wind blew a hushed whisper,

Footprints of the morning drizzle,

Soon disappear.


She was ecstatic on seeing him,

Her brown hair glimmers in the light,

Her lover, the sun, smiles,

And the whole town is bright.


The king has arrived,20141212_132701

And her green hands cook in haste,

Exhausted winds groan in hunger,

Soon they get oxygen to taste.


She droops her head,

Yelps and cried aloud,

As her glowing emperor,

Hides behind a black cloud.


The clouds make way for him,

She is euphoric to see him again,

His stunning smile is remedy,

To the intermittent pain.


She admires his peerless beauty,

That naive girl, she is unaware,

Her orange partner has lovers,

In all colours, everywhere.


His glow dims,20140608_185350

As he prepares to sink,

The mourning flower wilts,

As dusk is on the brink.


Her white foes decorate the velvet night,

The mighty emperor long gone,

She dozed off,

And dreamt of a new dawn.


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