Ill & Rest – Ronovan’s haiku challenge #38

Ill biting white cold

frosty winds take little rest

yellow spring has come


Some more park pics…..!

Failed bokeh experiments and new spring flowers…..!

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WordPress Photo Challenge – Fresh

In response to The Daily Post’s photo prompt : “Fresh.”


The beautiful flowers mark the entry of a new season and the dew drops signify the freshness of the first spring shower…..

Haikus for the innocent daughter of Mother India

She was named light

we named her fearless

our country’s daughter.


Stars descend

the lovers aren’t alone

slow death engulfs the night.


Shrill cries of

resistance and denial

silent night is deaf.


She fights

but he won’t take no

as answer.


Christmas carols o’er there

silent cries o’er here

broken by iron.


The window of my room,

Sits silently beside my study table,

Opens and closes at my will,

Never betrays me.


The window of my thoughts,

Is the most garrulous thing ever,

Is always disobedient to me,

Always deceives me.


The window of my room,

Is made of strong glass,

When wind or water hits it,

It faces and fights them.


The window of my thoughts,

Is like fragile glass,

When useless thoughts hit it,

It gives in to them.


The window of my room,

Is controlled by me,

The window of my thoughts,

Controls me.


Windows shouldn’t be closed,

They are supposed to be open,

To let sunlight in,

To illuminate thoughts.


But when windows open too much,

And let too much in,

They make the whole place dirty,

And cause chaos.


That is when the latch comes in,

Puts an end to external force,

An end to all sufferings,

An end to chaos.


I wish there was a latch for my thoughts,

To end my internal cringing,

Endless queries, endless doubts,

And my stupid fears.


Yet, I know windows can be trusted,

Because immobile things don’t change,

They give me air to breathe, to live,

And ideas to save my life.


So, don’t change,

I know you won’t,

And continue to be,

Window of my room, window of my thoughts.

And the baton is passed on…….!

Whoa! My second award, and that too within such a short time!! No one can possibly be happier than me. I’m as happy as I was when my site crossed 500 views. Thanks Kajal for nominating me!! I must say, she has an eclectic desi blog (desi means Indian). Do visit it if you want know how a cool Indian girl thinks 😉 😛




Now the rules :

1. Link the person who nominated you to your blog post. Thank them and let them know you answered their questions.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 5-11 other bloggers with a following of less than 500.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.
6. Display the award on your blog — by including it in your post and/or displaying it using a “widget” or a “gadget”.


Here are my answers Kajal :

1. What food could you eat every day and never get sick of?

Ans. Our staple food – Rice and sambhar……but I love all South Indian dishes and could never ever get tired of them!!

2. Who is your favourite person on earth and why do you choose that person?

Ans. If you could give me the option of naming three, I will say my mother, father and brother. All of them are equal for me and I can’t choose one, sorry !!

3. Your favourite holiday destination?

Ans. Kerala – God created a masterpiece place and it is this one!! Anyone who goes there can experience heaven 😀 🙂

4. If you could change one thing about this World, what would it be?

Ans. Discrimination and violence against women. At least after it changes I would be able to leave home without my mother worrying about my safety!

5. Who is your favorite author?

Ans. There are too many!!! But my all time favourite and the one whose books I turn to when I’m tired of the boring comedy channels is – P.G.Wodehouse

6. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?

Ans. Writer’s block – nothing else scares me so much! I’m not even afraid of not getting likes or follows as much as I am of “THE BLOCK”

7. What is the story behind your blog title?

Ans. The only talents I have are writing and photography and I wanted to give a common name – and therefore the title and the tagline!

8. Three good and bad things about you?

Ans. Good things I don’t know, but bad I can definitely say – anger, anger, anger!! My short temper is my only foe 😦

9. The 3 wishes you’d make if you get Aladdin’s Lamp?

Ans. I’d ask the genie to give me infinite wishes 😛

10. What does blogging mean to you?

Ans. It makes me proud that someone somewhere is taking their time to read my meaningless musings!

11. Tell your one memorable moment?

Ans. The first time I saw my baby brother when he was born! I was the happiest sister in the whole world 😀


And the nominees are :


2. Animate your Life



5. 4 Year Old Adult


I’m sure everyone is tired of giving long answers to such questions, so you can answer mine in one word 🙂 Here are my questions for the nominees :

1. Name one city you can spend your entire life in.

2. Which is your favourite holiday destination?

3. If you were the last person on earth, would rather have a person with you or books!?

4. Which is the last book you read?

5. When was the last time you cried while watching a movie?

6. Would you rather give your date a bouquet full of exotic flowers or one red rose?

7. Typing or writing?

8. Would you rather be in a smartphone less world?

9. Letters or e-mail?

10. I’m running out of questions, so here is an easy one : which is your favourite season?


P.S. Do answer my questions or I’ll be heart broken 😛

Cee’s Which Way Challenge Week #10

Toy Train Station, Kasauli
Toy Train Station, Kasauli
Rail Museum, New Delhi
Rail Museum, New Delhi
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Jaipur, Rajasthan
Zoo near India Gate, New Delhi
Zoo near India Gate, New Delhi
Chandigarh Railway Station
Chandigarh Railway Station


Linked to One a Week Photo Challenge prompt – Awkward

Umm, no, I do not want to change the “baby” in the washroom! Just want to change his diapers, thank you 😂

சிரிப்பும் அழுகையும்

எந்தன் அன்பு தம்பிகாக நான் எழுதிய சின்ன கவிதை :

பனியில் அந்த சூரியன் தூவும் வெப்ப மழையை போல் உன் புன்னகையில் சுகமாய் நனைந்தேன்,

ஆனால் உன் கன்னீரோ குளிர் காலத்தில் பெய்யும் திடீர் ஆலங்கட்டி மழையை போலே முல்லாய் குத்துகிறதே!