To be normal or not to be – That is the question

Is it okay to be normal? Don’t get me wrong, but I have a quaint feeling that we normal people are a minority. Almost everyday we read in the newspaper about 15 year olds clearing IIT or patenting their inventions. In fact, I remember reading about a Delhi boy who could memorise any 10 digit number in 20 seconds and repeat it backwards as well as forwards. Each time I read such an article, my inner voice which is hell bent on making me feel inferior goes – “hey ash, no offence, but why are you so normal?”

I do not intentionally intend to be normal but I do not seem to have ANY extra capabilities given the limitless possibilities of bizarre skills in front of me (don’t forget the Delhi boy I just mentioned). So, I sat down with a paper and  pencil to list down the “abnormal” things I could do :

1. Paint – I did try, but the best painting according to my standards was of a girl fishing (wait, she looks more like a hangman than a girl).

2. Write – but all my poems look like they are fit for a rhymes book and I’m referring to only those which rhyme. Don’t even get me started on the ones that don’t (okay, they are not so bad, but I’m no John Keats either); and I have a writer’s block the size of Great Wall of China.

3. Sports – honestly, I tried, but the best I could do was pass the ball to a teammate or serve the ball. Once, I even tried shot-put, but considering my sports dyslexia (if such a thing exists) and the fact that it weighed twice my weight, it hardly went 2cms beyond my feet (at least, I did not hurt myself).

4. Music – I accept that my singing doesn’t hurt my own ears and besides, I did join music classes thrice. And left all of them.

5. Dance – the most ridiculous as well as impossible item on my list (though I took dance classes for 2 years – but hey I was 10 and all my friends were in it), the simple reason being that I have two, or probably four left feet. I even remember my teacher mocking me for exercising in the class (she was talking about my dance).

6. Photography – I am not a bad photographer, but I am an amateur with an average smartphone camera.

Conclusion: I am stuck with the “normal” tag. But, everyone agrees to disagree with me on this. I am the class nerd and according to them being a nerd by definition is a supernormal capability.

But I digress. Having boasted about my nerdish capabilities, I return to the topic. I am normal and don’t foresee any change in it in the future. But what’s wrong in being normal? Is being abnormal, by which I mean having extra abilities, the norm of the day? Then what will happen to us minorities?  Maybe even we should ask for reservations.


Your Thoughts?

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