Karma – Cycle or Square !?!

What is karma?

Before you start thinking this is a philosophical post, let me give you the disclaimer : this is not a spiritual/philosophical post. It is a purely melancholic one. (Pardon me for being so unabashed, but when life is depressing, it reflects in your blog posts too)

I used to think that karma means the effects of positive and negative actions/thoughts from previous or present life. However experience has taught me to believe in the contrary. What I mean is, more often than not, some people get to encounter the repercussions of the negative stuff very soon; sooner than the positive ones. For example, my maternal grandmother was a gem of a person, the one-in-a-million kind. All her life she strived to make others’ lives better, she fed everyone, and yet, died a terrible death. During her last few months, she wasn’t even able to chew food. What did she do to deserve it? Does that mean she has erred so much in her past life, so much that her good deeds in her present life were only enough to cancel the bad ones?

The more I think of this meaningless cycle called karma, the more depressing it is. Maybe because it is kalyug or because karma means nothing, if we look around us we see so much atrocities – but no one pays for what they have done. In one corner of the country, someone gets jailed for liking a comment on Facebook and in another corner people are not yet punished for heinous acts.

All I can do is ask God the following questions – Have you become human? Have you forgotten justice too? Have you disregarded karma now? As always, no answer!!!


2 thoughts on “Karma – Cycle or Square !?!

  1. I was using ‘karma’ logic in only one way. I avoid doing bad things/small mistakes just because of the thought that I’ll get it back. I never thought of it in the other way.
    But these days I started relating things with karma and nothing has gone wrong so far. Every consequence I observe has ‘karma’ properly involved in it.

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