Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #42

A Mother’s plight

my love for you lasts

even when diaper stinks

mother’s love is undying


11 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #42

      1. Yes! I’m not a mother but I helped raise my niece and changed my share of dirty diapers. My niece is my daughter in many ways and she calls me her 2nd mom. This haiku also made me think of my maternal grandma whose love for me had no bounds. ❀

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  1. Very true! Only a mother, or someone who loves a kid like a mother, can do this task for the baby without being disgusted. It’s when we accept humans at their worst that our true love is proven. Anyone can love a powdered fragrant baby.

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    1. So right!! In fact one shouldn’t say they love the baby truly unless they have changed a soiled diaper πŸ˜› I am proud of being the first person in our family to have changed my brother’s diaper when he was born πŸ˜€


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