3 day quote challenge – day 3

Don’t fear mistakes, there are none

-Miles Davis

This is a quote which has stuck to my mind ever since I read it – not because I have committed too many mistakes, but because I have too many regrets. This quote gave me the strength to stand up and own up to my errors and not fear anyone’s reaction or judgement. After all, life is too short to have regrets !!


3 day quote challenge – day 2

Scars never heal.


Again, this is my own quote. It is my opinion that no matter how much a wound may heal, the scars will never. It won’t throb anymore, nor will it cause pain, yet, it will take you back to the time you got wounded, it will remind you of the excruciating pain it had caused at that time. I am not just speaking of physical wounds, I am also referring to the internal ones.

Ronovan Haiku Challenge #49

The friendly killer

he’d the gift of gab

locked the audience with words

and shattered his friend

Ronovan’s prompt “lock and gab” immediately reminded me of the infamous Mark Anthony and his betrayal. So, this haiku is a tribute to that excellent orator cum traitor.


3 day quote challenge – Day 1

I will start the challenge by giving my own quote :


We never get what we want; we only get what we need.




I have now realised after many failures and pitfalls in life that no matter how much we want something in life, we get it only if we deserve it. Somehow the omnipresent super genius above us all knows what is the right time. Even though we may relentlessly desire something or someone and feel that life is not possible without it/them, God knows if we actually Need it. I say Need with a capital N to emphasise its importance. For e.g. you may have fallen in love with a person, and things may not have worked with them. At that time you will feel that God is unjust only to realise years later that He wanted you to have a better life and that is why nothing worked out with that person. Another example : You may want to purchase a DSLR, but circumstances don’t allow you to. You may feel dejected that God doesn’t want you to follow your passion, but He knows that it will broken within a day by the 2 year old in your house. So, when the 2 year old turns old enough, you need not go to the DSLR, it will come to you by itself!


SO, I end this quite boring post by saying you may want something, but only GOD knows if you actually need it!!!


Thanks for nominating me dear Karuna !!!

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #47


the chaotic poet

the bard narrated tales
and the reader’s eyes water
to devour mayhem

P.S. It took me 30 minutes to comprehend the prompt, and another 45 minutes to come up with this haiku. Let’s see how long my readers take to decipher it!!!