Reverse Bokeh

It has been quite a loooong time since I posted, and an even longer time since I clicked anything. So, as I got down to capturing anything available in front of me, I decided to capture my favourite object – flowers. I tried close ups of certain newly bloomed flowers, and then, I got too close. The object I concentrated on got blurred and the background stood out clear. And then I realised, I have created a reverse bokeh! all thanks to my primitive phone cam which can’t get close up shots!!

Here are my attempts at reverse bokeh technique (I didn’t know such a thing existed till I accidentally captured one and then googled the possibility of it!!)

20151026_165025 20151026_164447 20151026_164431 20151026_163547 20151026_163531 20151025_161855 20151025_161847 20151025_161525