Hello Spring!

Wake up, sleepy world!

the icicles melt

hibernating roots bloom hues

spring arrives charmingly

in her flowery chariot

beckoning us to wake up

This was my first ever tanka, so kindly forgive me if I was wrong anywhere 😛 😉 And if you don’t believe that spring has arrived, then here is the proof !

20160205_092456 20160206_125439 20160206_125528 20160229_141901 20160229_141843 20160220_145456 20160228_170541 20160229_142447 20160229_120239 20160220_144818 20160218_164001 20160217_165514 20160213_085342 20160213_090124 20160220_144513 20160214_095338


LOVE !!!

PicMonkey Collage


Don’t be shocked! I posted a yellow rose on purpose. This is because I feel that a couple can never be successful if they are not each others’ friends. Right?? So, here is a tribute to friendship on this valentine’s day –

The language of the eyes and silence can only be understood by the one who knows the heart’s language.

And who can do that better than a friend? Happy friendship day ! Happy valentines day !


Daily post challenge – Vibrant



As soon I saw the title of this week’s Dailypost challenge, I was reminded of my earlier post –


Here’s a sample :

20160129_100428 20160130_105957


Of course, what can be more vibrant and energetic than the colour RED ??!!

Callistemon !!

Yes, that’s a new flower in my apartments, but no, I did not know the name before clicking it 😛

When I saw this really strange yet pretty flower,



I googled this – “red spiky flower” and I discovered that this called callistemon and is popularly known as bottlebrush because….well, I guess the reason is visible !

And then the photographer in me who had been temporarily sleeping due to my upcoming exams woke up suddenly seeing this beautiful sight, and I started clicking.

So here are some pictures of the “bottlebrush” flower at different stages of its life



20160130_140002 20160130_13583120160130_13593820160129_10042820160130_105932 20160130_135706