Hello Spring!

Wake up, sleepy world!

the icicles melt

hibernating roots bloom hues

spring arrives charmingly

in her flowery chariot

beckoning us to wake up

This was my first ever tanka, so kindly forgive me if I was wrong anywhere 😛 😉 And if you don’t believe that spring has arrived, then here is the proof !

20160205_092456 20160206_125439 20160206_125528 20160229_141901 20160229_141843 20160220_145456 20160228_170541 20160229_142447 20160229_120239 20160220_144818 20160218_164001 20160217_165514 20160213_085342 20160213_090124 20160220_144513 20160214_095338


Your Thoughts?

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