Gently falls the bakula

The first 20160520_102025book I picked up as I entered the library after a long hiatus of 3 years (thanks to my CA studies), was Gently falls the bakula by Sudha Murthy, wife of renowned industrialist Narayana Murthy. So here are my thoughts on it.

A gentle refreshing read, which reminds us of how every couple needs to accommodate the ambitions of each other while taking utmost care of not jeopardising the other’s. Set in the 1980s, the story is still relevant to date where climbing the corporate ladder and focusing on materialistic needs has become the way of life.  As the story reaches the climax, the readers will breathe a sigh of relief as though they have themselves been released from the shackles of suffocation. I would like to end by saying that this book will serve as a ringing alarm for all those who take their home makers for granted while they are busy making it big in the business world.

The only sad part is the writing style – it seemed quite elementary like all other Sudha Murthy’s books!




Your Thoughts?

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