Salvation of a saint

It has been over 2 years since I laid my hands on this new age book of crazy-woman-turned-killer thriller genre by Kiego Hagashino. Though, I must say that I found this story a lot more acceptable than others of its kind (eg. Gone Girl), but more on that later. However, though I do not remember all the details of the story, I can clearly recollect 2 things : the main plot and how I felt while reading the book. I had felt quite impressed by the sheer fact that a woman can go to such an extent to take revenge. And more so, I was baffled by the even more resolute detective Ms. Utsumi. These two women prove one thing – that will power is a pre requisite when you have a goal in mind. And it was with sheer will power that I resisted from checking the climax in the last page each time I turned a page.

Here I’d like to add a note on how this book differs from Gone Girl. Unlike the latter, at least Ayane of this story has a solid reason behind what she is doing – being deeply wounded by the acts of her husband, she takes an extreme step of murdering him. However, in the case of Gone Girl, well, if you have read it, then you’ll probably understand what I mean.

Coming back to this book, it is an extremely gripping one, which you will understand when you will be holding on to the covers of the book tightly as you travel along the story. So whatever be your favourite genre – thriller, romance, history, classics or anything – this little romantic(!) thriller is sure to satisfy your reading taste buds!!


Your Thoughts?

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