31 day poem Day 4

Here is Day 4 of the 31 day poem I have started writing for my 3 and 1/2 year old brother.

So, as per the challenge, created by Maja, from the Business in Rhyme, I will write 3 stanzas each day of December, as part of One poem.

Two messy hands,

And one toothy grin,

My world’s sunshine.


Run around my love,

The world is yours,

And you are my world.


Never fear, my baby,

New horizons, or new people,

For your sister holds your hand.


The memory is etched, 

Of the first time I held you, 

And felt so rich.


In my arms there was, 

2.6kgs of joy, 

bundled in a cloth. 


“Your brother has arrived”, 

The doctor announced, and I heard, 

Your serenading cry, the first time.


First smile, first laugh, 

And oh so many firsts!

I was euphoric.


“Amma”, I called out to her merrily,

“He has pooped for the first time”

She rolled her eyes.


You slept peacefully,

As we all became owls,

To feed you at night.


3 a.m in the morning,

Was your playtime,

You are the king of the house.


Serenading cry soon became,

An annoying one,

As you cried all day.


Sleepy zombies roamed the house,

We were crankier than you,

Cyclone of emotions.

[ For more info on this 31day poem challenge, visit here ]

{Amma = Mother}


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