Limerick Challenge – Week 50

This is my first ever limerick poem! The prompt is Goal, and I am currently participating in a 31day poem challenge by Maja from Business in Rhyme, where I have to write one poem in which I will add 3 stanzas each day for 31 days. Currently my goal is to finish that poem, so here is my limerick poem about it (I hope it’s good!)

Mission Possible

a 31 day challenge I dared to take,

the roots of my brain it’ll sure shake,

it will make me write,

with all my might,

and leave one single poem in its wake!


22 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge – Week 50

      1. Hmmm.. This calls for Guru Dakshina,doesn’t it? 😉
        And do you want to know what that is?
        It’s a promise to keep writing! 😉 I enjoy reading your work! And will surely get back to the 31 day poem of yours once I’m free next week! Stay blessed 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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