Discover Challenge – The greatest lie in the world

The greatest lie in the world a guy would say to his girlfriend/wife is :

“You are not looking fat/old” depending on the question thrown towards him.

You may ask me why I categorically say that this is the greatest lie. Well, being a CA student I cannot pose a theory without substantiating it with reasons.

Reason #1 – He doesn’t know how to judge whether a woman is fat/old.
Reason #2 – He is not bothered by any of it. He loves her at all times. So he says this without even judging her.
Reason #3 – She does look fat/old. But. If he answers in the affirmative, we all know about the mayhem that would ensue.

Earlier, I had posted about conundrum. The question “Am I looking fat/old?” would top the list of conundrums, if there was one! What is the correct answer to this question which hits every committed/married guy on the face, readers? Because, even if the guy gives the answer which I have proclaimed to be the greatest lie in the world – SHE WILL NOT BELIEVE HIM ANYWAY!!!


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Week 132

Hungry Desire

Ok, so I am sure the title has given away what I am going to write about – Hunger. As I write this post, my intestine is screeching with hunger cries and I am pretty sure my readers can guess the intensity from the haiku I am going to write now, using the prompts provided by Ronovan – flame and kiss.

Hunger is fine. But extreme hunger leads to an atrocious rage of acidity and anger which will thoroughly vandalise and  demolish your insides. Enough said about hunger now, so here’s the haiku…….[Enjoy reading it while I go grab something to eat!]


flames thrive off desire
kissing intestines en route
hunger’s flaming fangs

Cee’s B/W Challenge : Statues, sculptures and carvings

picture-162-2 20170108_165347 20170108_165358 20170108_165316 20170108_113807 20170108_113540 20170108_113533 20170108_113406


Linked to Cee’s challenge.


Cee’s B/W Photo Challenge : Ground

Linked to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Dirty and soiled pics :

20170102_163251 20170102_163301 20170102_163328 20170102_163334 20170102_163533

Trails and paths:

20170102_164530 20170102_164634 20170102_164709 20170103_08184320170103_11245220170106_08200820170105_17413020170103_211301

Some sandy pics:

20170103_082002 20170105_173630 20170105_173644 20170105_173712 20170105_173822

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Week 130

The roadside blender

spins throughout the day
water, cement amalgamate
cement mixer on road

A haiku for my brother ‘s favourite vehicle!

Flowers from Chikmagalur

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20150523_182725 20150524_082846 20150524_082905 20150524_082921 20150524_083005 20150524_083010 20150524_083103 20150524_083212 20150524_083246 20150524_083501

Cee’s oddball photo challenge Week 52

The best place our apartment electrician found to keep the ladder – children’s park! Wow!! 😛