Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – Please and tease


praying mantis teased me
its sly eyes tasted my fear
“oh, please go away”

A haiku for today’s unwanted visitor


CFFC – Garden

Pictures of “some” gardens from the garden city of India – Bangalore !

TLT – Week 68

[Prompt provided in the challenge]

The Beginning


“This would probably be the last time I might see him”, she thought on her Graduation day.

She turned to tell Vihaan that she loves him, only to find him down on one knee.

Avantika reminisced while looking at the graduation photograph which hung mournfully on the wall, as it stood testimony to the divorce papers on the table below.


Linked to TLT Week 68


The hour before the dawn is the darkest,

But, how long does it last?

It shouldn’t last so long that the sleepy eyes,

get accustomed to the pitch black,

And when light does seep in,

through the crevices of the eyelids,

It is too late.

Darkness is a cruel witch,

Sniggers, while entwining with catastrophe,

Yet it engulfs with a soothing calm,

Not the silence before the tempest,

But the peace after – 

The quiet that stands strong,

After the devastation.