FOTD : June 15, 2017 – Water Lily

FOTD – Flower of the day


Well Focused?

Some in focus, some out of focus!

Ronovan’s Haiku challenge – Colour and Warmth

I have played with the prompts a little bit this time 😉 !


Grey tracksuit, jogger shoes

“He must think i’m tomboy” she thought

“Hot, my type” he thought

Daily prompt : imaginary

The night traveller


An imaginary glimpse, I thought,

but it wasn’t, I was sure,

I did see him, move stealthily so,

With a guarded gait,

But the sight was so ephemeral,

I shouldn’t have ignored it,

Why did I keep the window open?

I mustn’t have, 

One mustn’t trust the night winds,

And its obscure shadows,

It brings some visitors, unwanted though,

Note to self : never repeat this blunder,

A look into the kitchen and I knew,

That sly idiot had left some traces,

White drops of his ecstasy were left on the slab,

The stray kitty had arrived again,

And stolen all my milk!

Ten thousand I saw at a glance

I was amazed at the sight of these whopping numbers of yellow wood sorrels and I kind of got an insight as to what Wordsworth ji would have experienced when he wrote those words!

Daily Prompt – June 1, 2017 : Portion

This haiku is for that moment in the last book of Harry Potter series where Snape gives his memories to Harry :



portion of his thoughts
Lily was alive for him
Pensieve knew his secret

Friends – Daily post photo challenge

Friendship transcends all boundaries, doesn’t it? One fine sunny day, I went to purchase a bonsai plant, but ended up picking this beauty from the shelf – 

And well, it was love, or to be specific, friendship at first sight. So, the next day I visited the shop again, and the result was this –

Since then, I have bored these guys with my chatter while they silently listened on, and purified the air and emotions around me. These are my succulent plants and my best friends – meet Ruby, Adah, Shea, Lisa, Jane, Lara and Zia.