Christmas Special Monochrome


DP photo challenge : Ascend

How can one talk about ascent and forget fountains? And that too one coming right out of a………..boat!!!!

Make up : Bring on the glam

My previous post on make up was about a natural simple “everyday” kind of look. But it can also be extended to get a party ready look :


Step 7 : Eyeshadow – Blue Heaven Eyeshadow Pencil / Lakme Illuminating Eyeshadow Palette (French Rose)

What is the laziest way to put on eyeshadow without having to worry about the brushes or the fallout? Using an eyeshadow pencil! And this one costs just Rs 60. It is super travel friendly and affordable enough to stock up on all the shades. It transfers a bit so remember to dust a lil translucent powder on it.

Or else, if you prefer a good palette with all the colours you would need for either a daily look or for an event, then go for this one which has 6 colours which are very versatile and it is below Rs 1000.


Step 8 : Eyeliner – L’Oreal Super liner Superstar duo

Out of all the steps of a make up routine, the most daunting one for a beginner is the eyeliner, what with the winged liner trend becoming more famous by the day. Solution? Felt tip liner. It is almost impossible to go wrong with a felt tip (Thin line, thick line, light line – there are 2 sides to this liner to suit different looks). Moreover, since I have a super oily face and an equally oily eyelid, I was amazed at the staying power. It is also waterproof, btw.


Step 9 : Lipstick – Iba Halal LipstickĀ & Himalayas Lip balm

No make up look is complete without lipstick, but since we consume all the toxic ingredients on the lipstick, it is better to use organic lipstick. Iba halal lipsticks are quite matte, so an organic lip balm can be used to add a little gloss to it.


Step 0 : Make up Remover – Kara Make up removal Wipes

Removal of makeup is very important before sleeping but after a tiring day, it can be quite cumbersome to take a liquid, put it on a cotton pad, then remove makeup bit by bit. So, skip that, and just take out a wipe and the work is done. šŸ˜‰

Cheeky – DP Photo Challenge

A man who gained the respect of people around the world but couldn’t be revered so by this cheeky crow who decided to defecate on his statue (Kindly zoom in!)