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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Birds

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Make up : Flash Ready

Makeup flashback is nightmare of anyone who owns and uses makeup, right? You have learnt all the tips and tricks, have blended the foundation away, but yet when you take a photo with flash, you don’t see yourself. You see a ghost on your gallery. If that has happened to you, welcome to this dangerous aftereffect of makeup called makeup flashback. But is it inevitable? Of course, no. So, what are the reasons for this? You need to look out for these ingredients :

  1. SPF
  2. Mica
  3. Silica

If you are familiar with reading the ingredients on makeup products, then these must be very common to you. These are the culprits which make you look like you just fell face down on rice flour. However, the tough part is that though market is flooded with products that are paraben free, sulphate free, blah blah blah free, you cannot find any product which claims to be free from the ingredients mentioned above. So, how do you avoid it?

  1. SPF or sun protection factor is often provided by ingredients by the name of “titanium dioxide” or “zinc oxide”. So, while reading the list of ingredients, watch out for these ones, even though there may not be any mention of spf on the cover of your foundation.
  2. Mica and Silica cannot be altogether avoided, so make sure that their place is towards the end of the ingredients list. If they are the last on the list, you have found a winner. But, keep in mind, you need to avoid translucent powder which mainly has these ingredients.

I now come to the next part. While you are on the quest to find the perfect foundation which does not give you flashback, I have rounded up on a perfect one which does the job well, and though it does have the above mentioned ingredients (argh!), however it has them in very small quantities (towards the end of the list). So, I have replaced Step 4 and 5 from my makeup routine about which I had mentioned in an earlier post with Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation as well as Compact. Maybelline saves my day whenever I have to be in front of flash (I need to use the 180 degree tiltable screen on my Sony WX500 in low light also right? :P)

Experiments with my Sony WX500

New beginnings, new hope…….results of constant care to a plant I had recently ignored (stupid me, who treated all plants like succulents)


This is what she used to look like when I brought her home last year (captured by my smartphone cam)


Trying out the 60x zoom