FOTD : July 15, 2017 – Coriander flower

Flower of the day

This was inconspicuously hiding beneath the coriander leaves my father brought home yesterday!


DP photo challenge – Collage

My “natural” collage!

What can be a better house arrangement than a bunch of succulents and spider plants put together? These are my pretty plants which don’t just exhale oxygen but also exude beauty around them!

Ten thousand I saw at a glance

I was amazed at the sight of these whopping numbers of yellow wood sorrels and I kind of got an insight as to what Wordsworth ji would have experienced when he wrote those words!

Friends – Daily post photo challenge

Friendship transcends all boundaries, doesn’t it? One fine sunny day, I went to purchase a bonsai plant, but ended up picking this beauty from the shelf – 

And well, it was love, or to be specific, friendship at first sight. So, the next day I visited the shop again, and the result was this –

Since then, I have bored these guys with my chatter while they silently listened on, and purified the air and emotions around me. These are my succulent plants and my best friends – meet Ruby, Adah, Shea, Lisa, Jane, Lara and Zia.

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – Please and tease


praying mantis teased me
its sly eyes tasted my fear
“oh, please go away”

A haiku for today’s unwanted visitor