Daily post photo challenge – Evanescent

What could be more evanescent than a funny click of a toddler? The expression, or the pose, is there for a minute, and if you don’t get your cam up and clicking within a nanosecond, the moment just vanishes.


[ And if you ask the kid to pose again, this is the face he shows to you – 😛 ]


Here is one such evanescent picture of my toddler bro where he looks just like a tea picker!

CFFC – Garden

Pictures of “some” gardens from the garden city of India – Bangalore !

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge : Big and Small

Anything seems big in front of this tiny one!

20140802_160422 20140802_160217



But, everything seems small and inconsequential in front of the Almighty!




Letter H, and H for Harshith


Cee’s B/W Challenge : Statues, sculptures and carvings

picture-162-2 20170108_165347 20170108_165358 20170108_165316 20170108_113807 20170108_113540 20170108_113533 20170108_113406


Linked to Cee’s challenge.


Cee’s B/W Photo Challenge : Ground

Linked to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge

Dirty and soiled pics :

20170102_163251 20170102_163301 20170102_163328 20170102_163334 20170102_163533

Trails and paths:

20170102_164530 20170102_164634 20170102_164709 20170103_08184320170103_11245220170106_08200820170105_17413020170103_211301

Some sandy pics:

20170103_082002 20170105_173630 20170105_173644 20170105_173712 20170105_173822

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Open Topic

This is the first time I am posting a black and white photo post! So, I checked Cee’s black and white challenge topic this week, and whohooo, I got lucky!! It is open topic, that means no theme, yay!!

I had just clicked these pics of my supermodel bro yesterday while he was pretending he was on a candid photoshoot 😂!!

Cee’s oddball photo challenge Week 52

The best place our apartment electrician found to keep the ladder – children’s park! Wow!! 😛

31 day poem – A ‘Thank You’ Post

The 31 day poem is over! Thanks to all those who have been continuously following my poem and appreciating my work. It wouldn’t have been possible without all the encouragement you guys have provided. I should also thank my mother, a poet herself, who kept pushing me every day to write. If not for her support by pushing me to the laptop and reminding of many memories with bro dearest, I would have probably given up quite early, or else written a boring and dull poem 😀 🙂 Thank you Amma, love you!


Cheers to many more memories with all of you…….


And, I have fallen in love with word clouds……!


And cheers to many more word clouds of many more posts to come…… 😀


And Happy New Year 2017!!!!


[ New Year Resolution : Should stop using so many exclamation marks and the word “and” in my blog posts ]


Here is a word cloud of the entire poem :