Blissfully Colourful City – Pondicherry – Part Two


Blissfully Colourful City – Pondicherry – Part One

Rise / Set – Dailypost Challenge


The setting sun always signalled to me The Beginning of something new 🙂

Experiments with my Sony WX500

New beginnings, new hope…….results of constant care to a plant I had recently ignored (stupid me, who treated all plants like succulents)


This is what she used to look like when I brought her home last year (captured by my smartphone cam)


Trying out the 60x zoom

GrOwTh – DP photo challenge

Ecstasy for a gardener is when the leaves which fell from her succulents sprout new life, new growth

DP photo challenge : Ascend

How can one talk about ascent and forget fountains? And that too one coming right out of a………..boat!!!!