Awakening – DP Photo Challenge

Rising from the ashes


Rise / Set – Dailypost Challenge


The setting sun always signalled to me The Beginning of something new 🙂

Experiments with my Sony WX500

New beginnings, new hope…….results of constant care to a plant I had recently ignored (stupid me, who treated all plants like succulents)


This is what she used to look like when I brought her home last year (captured by my smartphone cam)


Trying out the 60x zoom

GrOwTh – DP photo challenge

Ecstasy for a gardener is when the leaves which fell from her succulents sprout new life, new growth

DP photo challenge : Ascend

How can one talk about ascent and forget fountains? And that too one coming right out of a………..boat!!!!

Cheeky – DP Photo Challenge

A man who gained the respect of people around the world but couldn’t be revered so by this cheeky crow who decided to defecate on his statue (Kindly zoom in!)

DP Photo Challenge – Serene

No thoughts of yesterday, no fear of tomorrow – that is real serenity.



[ A stray dog, sleeping peacefully near the benches in an amusement park ]