Psychedelic thoughts,

Twirling in the fragrance,

That red top emits,

From our last embrace, still,

Waiting to drown,

In the fading imprint,

Of your voice,

Preparing to ignore,

That distinct cry,

I know belongs to you.


Plagued by emotions,

Reverberating silence,

Sounds louder than the echo,

Of your retreating footsteps,

Pretending to ebb,

Farther from the shore,

Hidden in a facade of feelings,

But trying to reach my skies,

Your tides discreetly rise high,

End is just a delusion.


The moment

Three shots given

Stomach and spine numbed,

She lay on her back.


Legs spread,

Arms outstretched,

She was ready.


Blurry faces,

Slurry words,

She palpitated.


Agonising pleasure,

As knives touched skin,

She awaited.


For the first time,

A serenading cry sounded,

She heard him.


3 kilos of her flesh,

Placed on her chest,

She closed her eyes.


The Chaos Theory

Staring at the crimson glow,

Waiting on the emerald metamorphosis,

Palms palpitated, eyes dilated,

A tense shuffle indicated,

Total anarchy – no more in reins,

Some silent prayers were sent,

While others maintained peaceful acceptance,

Hopeful eyes sparkled, as the still scene moved,

But alas – it stagnated again,

A glance forward,

And the mirage was staggering,

Time abysmally passed,

Sniggering at the computations,

She knows the quintessential truth,

In the traffic kingdom,

Only chaos rules!


Around a heap of memories,

Her heart lay scattered,

She held on to the bloodstained thread,

So tightly – it further ripped,

Threatening to unravel, the thread screamed,

Part of a bigger cobweb,

Bridge burnt, bond slayed,

He walked away, she wistfully waited,

Their perfect picture shattered,

In his wake, a hope remained,

Her nemesis – his insecurities,

Which he relentlessly chased,

Naive that all the roads will lead,

To the union he avoided,

Will it be too late before he realised?

Power of their magnetic liaison,

To each other they belonged,

Each other they reflected,

And their fates are entangled,

That they are indeed,

Two halves of one soul.


Haiku – Strong and heart



once was a strong heart
now diddles and waits for phone
sound will never ring


A haiku after a long hiatus. I hope it was good!

[ Inspiration for this haiku : Pink’s Glitter in the Air – “your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone” ]

Ronovan’s Haiku challenge – Colour and Warmth

I have played with the prompts a little bit this time 😉 !


Grey tracksuit, jogger shoes

“He must think i’m tomboy” she thought

“Hot, my type” he thought

Daily prompt : imaginary

The night traveller


An imaginary glimpse, I thought,

but it wasn’t, I was sure,

I did see him, move stealthily so,

With a guarded gait,

But the sight was so ephemeral,

I shouldn’t have ignored it,

Why did I keep the window open?

I mustn’t have, 

One mustn’t trust the night winds,

And its obscure shadows,

It brings some visitors, unwanted though,

Note to self : never repeat this blunder,

A look into the kitchen and I knew,

That sly idiot had left some traces,

White drops of his ecstasy were left on the slab,

The stray kitty had arrived again,

And stolen all my milk!

Daily Prompt – June 1, 2017 : Portion

This haiku is for that moment in the last book of Harry Potter series where Snape gives his memories to Harry :



portion of his thoughts
Lily was alive for him
Pensieve knew his secret