Cheeky – DP Photo Challenge

A man who gained the respect of people around the world but couldn’t be revered so by this cheeky crow who decided to defecate on his statue (Kindly zoom in!)


DP Photo Challenge – Serene

No thoughts of yesterday, no fear of tomorrow – that is real serenity.



[ A stray dog, sleeping peacefully near the benches in an amusement park ]


In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge as per which there needs to be the letter “O” in the caption


Fun World, Bengaluru





Haiku – Strong and heart



once was a strong heart
now diddles and waits for phone
sound will never ring


A haiku after a long hiatus. I hope it was good!

[ Inspiration for this haiku : Pink’s Glitter in the Air – “your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone” ]

On its way…..

The tiny string of threads, if you look closely in the image, are on their way to transform into a spider web soon enough.

Make up : I woke up like this

It is not possible to look flawless right after getting out of bed, but it is definitely possible to put on make up and still look natural by following these steps :


Step 1 : Face Wash – Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash

A clean face is a vital pre requisite for beautiful make up. This face wash makes your skin fresh and has rose water in it, so it negates the necessity of a toner.


Step 2 : Moisturiser – Nivea Creme

It is an unlikely moisturiser for the face, I know. However, when one has oily skin (like me), one tends to pick up a lot of mattifying products. And when you use all the “oil free” products, you end up having dry patches all over your face. So, starting with a heavy moisturiser is the best bet. In case you have dry skin, then this is the best product to give your face the moisture it needs.


Step 3 : Primer – Lotus Herbals Ecostay Perfecting Primer

Beauty bloggers all over the world do not stop stressing the importance of a primer. It is, in fact, the unsung hero – the actual base for your foundation. It not only lets your foundation glide smoothly, but it also prevents any particles of it to seep into your skin and makes the make up last long. It is to the face what firewall is to the internet! I prefer to use this primer instead of the Lakme one which a lot of people use, because the latter gives a pink tint which I don’t like.


Step 4 : Foundation – Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

This is the only foundation I have tried so far, and I am in love with it. I am in the shade Golden Medium which I am pretty sure suits many Indian skin tones. It has consistency comparable to whipped cream and has a mild citrus fragrance. It is easy to apply (no brushes/ sponges required), easily blendable and stays for a long time. It gives a little more than sheer coverage and stays true to its word – it looks very very natural. It also does a fair job of concealing as well. However, remember to apply less, as a little goes a long way……!


Step 5 : Setting powder – Myglamm Glow to Glamour

Glow to glamour has two components, of which one is a loose translucent fixing powder which can be used to seal the look. It does not impart any colour, so the natural look is maintained. It is also matte, which is another plus point.


Step 6 : Kajal (Kohl) – Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The beauty of the beholding eyes can be enhanced by using kajal. This particular one stays for quite a long time and is also water proof.


Step 0 : Make up Remover – Kara Make up removal Wipes

Removal of makeup is very important before sleeping but after a tiring day, it can be quite cumbersome to take a liquid, put it on a cotton pad, then remove makeup bit by bit. So, skip that, and just take out a wipe and the work is done. 😉

A Nerd’s guide to Make up

Hello readers! Those of you who read my blog and those who know me would be astonished on reading the title of this post. “Aishwarya? Giving tips on make up? Good joke!”


But, no I’m not joking. I’m not a pro or anything at this, (considering that I have only just started doing make up), but, as they say, only a lazy person can tell you the easiest way to do anything. The first time I wanted to try all this, I went to the Departmental store and bought some BB creams (which do not have shades – okay, one shouldn’t be so lazy….). The result was, well, I ended up looking like a ghost (It is called “white cast”, which I learnt later). And then, some experiments later, I finally ended up with a good foundation (I just had to go to a beauty store and ask them for my shade – well that wasn’t tough!). When I finally tried it on, I actually loved how I looked.


Okay, let me clear this out – I am not a hypocrite. In my posts, I keep saying that girls should be independent and not let anyone’s standards define them. But, if  you like some thing, and it is not wrong, then you should definitely do it. And that is what I am doing. I don’t put on make up to impress anyone, or to “fit into” the society, but because I LIKE IT.


So, stay tuned for easy make up ideas from the laziest nerd around!

FOTD : July 15, 2017 – Coriander flower

Flower of the day

This was inconspicuously hiding beneath the coriander leaves my father brought home yesterday!

DP photo challenge – Collage

My “natural” collage!

What can be a better house arrangement than a bunch of succulents and spider plants put together? These are my pretty plants which don’t just exhale oxygen but also exude beauty around them!