DP photo challenge : Ascend

How can one talk about ascent and forget fountains? And that too one coming right out of a………..boat!!!!


Cheeky – DP Photo Challenge

A man who gained the respect of people around the world but couldn’t be revered so by this cheeky crow who decided to defecate on his statue (Kindly zoom in!)

DP Photo Challenge – Serene

No thoughts of yesterday, no fear of tomorrow – that is real serenity.



[ A stray dog, sleeping peacefully near the benches in an amusement park ]


In response to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge as per which there needs to be the letter “O” in the caption


Fun World, Bengaluru





Haiku – Strong and heart



once was a strong heart
now diddles and waits for phone
sound will never ring


A haiku after a long hiatus. I hope it was good!

[ Inspiration for this haiku : Pink’s Glitter in the Air – “your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone” ]

On its way…..

The tiny string of threads, if you look closely in the image, are on their way to transform into a spider web soon enough.

FOTD : July 15, 2017 – Coriander flower

Flower of the day

This was inconspicuously hiding beneath the coriander leaves my father brought home yesterday!

DP photo challenge – Collage

My “natural” collage!

What can be a better house arrangement than a bunch of succulents and spider plants put together? These are my pretty plants which don’t just exhale oxygen but also exude beauty around them!