Well Focused?

Some in focus, some out of focus!



Last week I responded to the WordPress Photo Challenge : Rule of thirds. The picture I posted for the Photo Challenge was one which I had clicked as a bokeh unknowingly! However, since then, my hands had been itching to experiment with this new found photography technique. So, here are the products of my experiment. Kindly pardon me if they look nothing close to a bokeh (because all were clicked by a stumbling amateur on a phone camera :P).

My first bokeh, without knowing it is one
My first bokeh, without knowing it is one

20150228_151939 20150228_152506 20150228_152512

Better than the other three, isn't it?
Better than the other three, isn’t it? 

Rule of Thirds – WordPress Photo Challenge

So, I followed the rule, and voila! Here goes my first bokeh. It is a picture of a pink flower bud.


Inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Rule of Thirds.”