Haiku – Strong and heart



once was a strong heart
now diddles and waits for phone
sound will never ring


A haiku after a long hiatus. I hope it was good!

[ Inspiration for this haiku : Pink’s Glitter in the Air – “your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you’re not alone” ]


Ronovan writes week 134 – Blow and Please

Felicity – ?!

Blows have hit harshly

Pleasing days thing of the past

Frost awaits sunlight


Linked to Ronovan’s prompts for Week 134

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge – Week 132

Hungry Desire

Ok, so I am sure the title has given away what I am going to write about – Hunger. As I write this post, my intestine is screeching with hunger cries and I am pretty sure my readers can guess the intensity from the haiku I am going to write now, using the prompts provided by Ronovan – flame and kiss.

Hunger is fine. But extreme hunger leads to an atrocious rage of acidity and anger which will thoroughly vandalise and  demolish your insides. Enough said about hunger now, so here’s the haiku…….[Enjoy reading it while I go grab something to eat!]


flames thrive off desire
kissing intestines en route
hunger’s flaming fangs

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge Week 130

The roadside blender

spins throughout the day
water, cement amalgamate
cement mixer on road

A haiku for my brother ‘s favourite vehicle!

Phaiku Challenge December 6

A rainy day


Raindrops pet foliage

Drops of dew will adorn them

Till Sun plays its role

[Linked to Ronovan’s haiku challenge]









Man can create rain, he can create dews, but can he Create the leaves?!


Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #125 + 52 Week Photo Challenge Week #48

Evening diaries


a drop of gold touches 

and spreads its wings in still sky

cuckoo sings to the dusk

Linked to Ronovan’s haiku challenge and the four photo friends’ 52 week photo challenge

Ronovan writes challenge #124

At the threshold

dreamy night is for us

would you dare to step in it?

dawn of our new life


[P.S. I have written a haiku after a long time! I hope it is good 😀 Thanks Ronovan for the prompts.]


Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – #54

The end

free up cluttered mind
kick out ceaseless thoughts that haunt
move on, it’s over!


Thank you Ronovan for easy prompts this time!!!

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #47


the chaotic poet

the bard narrated tales
and the reader’s eyes water
to devour mayhem

P.S. It took me 30 minutes to comprehend the prompt, and another 45 minutes to come up with this haiku. Let’s see how long my readers take to decipher it!!!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #42

A Mother’s plight

my love for you lasts

even when diaper stinks

mother’s love is undying