Ronovan’s Haiku challenge – Colour and Warmth

I have played with the prompts a little bit this time 😉 !


Grey tracksuit, jogger shoes

“He must think i’m tomboy” she thought

“Hot, my type” he thought


Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – Please and tease


praying mantis teased me
its sly eyes tasted my fear
“oh, please go away”

A haiku for today’s unwanted visitor

3 line tale Week 45

Linked to Three Line Tale challenge.

The first thing that came to my mind as soon as I read “three line” is HAIKU!!! So here goes my first ever entry for 3 line tales,


Memory Catcher

This one eyed clicker

Captures memories with flash

An archive of moments


tltweek45[Prompt provided in the Challenge]

Daily prompt : “Echo” – a haiku

The end of an echo

her tears were echo

sound of the ebbing footsteps

their tale has ended

Ronovan Writes Haiku #76

Thanks for the prompt, Ronovan

Another dream bites the dust

that boy’s dream to sing
shattered with a bursting crash
his voice broke that day

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – #54

The end

free up cluttered mind
kick out ceaseless thoughts that haunt
move on, it’s over!


Thank you Ronovan for easy prompts this time!!!

Ronovan Haiku Challenge #49

The friendly killer

he’d the gift of gab

locked the audience with words

and shattered his friend

Ronovan’s prompt “lock and gab” immediately reminded me of the infamous Mark Anthony and his betrayal. So, this haiku is a tribute to that excellent orator cum traitor.

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #47

the chaotic poet

the bard narrated tales
and the reader’s eyes water
to devour mayhem

P.S. It took me 30 minutes to comprehend the prompt, and another 45 minutes to come up with this haiku. Let’s see how long my readers take to decipher it!!!

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #43

origin of life

source of existence

ample thought god has put into

warmth of mother’s womb

Thank you Ronovan for being the source of this thoughtful prompt!

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #42

A Mother’s plight

my love for you lasts

even when diaper stinks

mother’s love is undying