Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge – Please and tease


praying mantis teased me
its sly eyes tasted my fear
“oh, please go away”

A haiku for today’s unwanted visitor


Ronovan Writes Haiku #76

Thanks for the prompt, Ronovan

Another dream bites the dust

that boy’s dream to sing
shattered with a bursting crash
his voice broke that day

Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge #42

A Mother’s plight

my love for you lasts

even when diaper stinks

mother’s love is undying

Haiku Challenge #41 – Want & Tatters

I don’t want a tattered heart!

tattered heart o’ mine

impaired beyond any repair

want of affection

[ P.S. If the haiku doesn’t make any sense to you, kindly ask, and I will explain! 😀 ]

Time & New – Haiku prompts this week from Ronovan (#40)

Cure for the pain

New wound burns untiringly

Fallible heart has erred again

Time will heal all rifts

Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge #39

Vying for the unreachable

Eyes vie for red fruit
Hands can’t reach the forbidden
Snake shows them the way